DIMA Texas

DFW Institute Of Musical Advancement

Our vision is to make learning of many styles of  music easy, accessible and fun.

Our philosophy is to impact high quality learning in music through innovative methods while having a great time.  We are committed to excellence in music education for all ages.

Our mission is:
• To make learning music convenient, easy and fun
• To offer an opportunity for learners to achieve internationally established standards of learning
• To provide the understanding and skills needed for each student to enjoy and appreciate their chosen art for a lifetime

Research has shown that learning how to play a musical instrument helps in many ways.  It relieves stress; makes you smarter; improves your social life; helps build confidence; teaches patience; fosters creativity; improves memory; develops discipline; gives you a sense of achievement and  is fun.

We offer Piano Lessons, Violin Lessons, Voice Lessons, Guitar Lessons & Cello Lessons.

Our background checked teachers will travel to your house to teach lessons. We proudly offer teachers many of who are internationally acclaimed artists that provide a well-balanced curriculum, including the latest technology.

Tuition for Private Music Lesson

There are no long-term contracts or semester plans at DIMA Texas. We operate year round just like any other business. We bill monthly by autobilling. If you wish to stop your lessons or pause your lessons, as a courtesy, we require a 3-week advance notice. We will autobill your account on the 1st of each month. There are 4 lessons in a month. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express (3% convenience fee).

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Contact us for pricing: dima@elidadakoli.com

Policies and Procedures